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Trav Munro

Trav Munro is a dynamic motivational youth speaker, trainer and team builder.

His youth success programs and inspirational events aim to bring out the best in your young people. 

His mission is to inspire young people to have a voice, to be influential, and to be their best.

Learning about honour, integrity and trust—both as a serving soldier in the Australian Army and in professional leadership roles—Trav Munro is well-equipped to deliver high-impact youth motivational speaker events focussed on these time-honoured values. 

Struggling at school relationships during his teenage years, yet equipped with valuable insight and hard-won wisdom, Trav Munro works as a youth motivational speaker to inspire young people across Australia. 

Sharing realistic strategies and powerful tools Trav is driven to help create tomorrow’s empowered adults, thoughtful change-makers and community leaders. 


The Circle of Privilege

The first time Trav gave this presentation he was taken back by the response. 

His audience of young people were so hungry for timeless wisdom and principles centred on personal character that this presentation is fast becoming one of his favourites.  Trav explains 3 personal character traits that create what he has coined “The Circle of Privilege”. 

In a society that has made people very aware of their “rights” and created a sense of “entitlement” this is a timely reminder of what it means to earn success.


Understanding The Manhood Journey

Designed to empower young boys in Australian primary schools, along with their dads, this engaging and timely presentation covers the importance of encouraging and celebrating Rite of Passage stages.

Ideal for primary schools, community organisations and groups looking to support young boys and their fathers, and empower families with valuable parenting information. 


Giving Young People Permission To Dream

Reflective steps to help unlock a young person’s dreams and vision. 

This presentation includes an overview of how we create habits in our lives and the power of habits to be either releasing and positive, or restrictive and limiting. 

The presentation finishes with the challenge to identify new habits that are in line with the young person’s dreams for the future.


Doing The Work

Touching on the current trend in young people—that they believe they can be ‘discovered’ in a moment and be an overnight success—Trav presents timelines and stories of high profile people to demonstrate that ‘overnight success’ is rare and, more often than not, leads to an inability to handle the pressures that come with this type of success.

Strategies are provided to link short-term goals and actions with long-term success and dreams.


Leadership – It’s About You

True leadership starts with leading one’s self. 

This presentation is based on Covey’s ‘above the line and below the line’ principle about influence in situations, either as the nominated leader or the secondary leader.

Leadership, therefore, is simply influence. When we identify and understand who we are and how we uniquely contribute, we’re then free to be ourselves and influence others in our own way.

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  • Just one presentation could have profound results…

    It was a life changing experience.

    Trav talked to us about leadership and behaviour.

    I really think I’ll take the things he said with me all through my life.

    It was an interesting and unique set of activities that pushed everyone past what they thought was possible… 

    Year 9 student
  • I’ve always thought being scared was a bad thing. However, after my session with Trav I found myself thinking differently.

    Sometimes it’s ok to be scared and to let ourselves feel that – so we can use it to push our limits.

    That’s how we find courage

    1st Year university student
  • Trav’s help was indispensable when I went through a crisis last year.

    His guidance led me to realise my dream of pursing my passion for music and I’m now undertaking studies this year to do so – all due to his help.

    Thanks, Trav! 

    Young adult
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