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Steven Bradbury

Speed skater Steven Bradbury collected the most unlikely, unthinkable, fluky gold medal in the history of the Olympics.  His last to first glide to Gold at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games and typical Australian nonchalance captured the imagination of millions of people around the world.



Steven Bradbury knows he is probably the luckiest Olympic Gold Medal winner but candidly says luck is when preparation meets opportunity. 

Being the last man upright on that victorious day led to the expression “Doing a Bradbury” immortalising him in the 2014 edition of the Macquarie Dictionary.

Since the Olympics he has spoken at over 850 conferences, dinners and events in 16 countries tailoring every presentation to meet individual client themes. 

He’s flexible and versatile and capably delivers entertaining talks on a variety of subjects including motivation, leadership, teamwork and goal setting. 

He’s also a great MC and facilitator and does a complete stand-up comedy routine making him ideal as an after dinner entertainer.

Steven has been engaged as a keynote speaker at corporate events, at school and sports awards nights and at charity events.

His determination to make it as an Olympic speed skater was relentless. 

He trained five hours a day six days a week resulting in him being selected to represent Australia at four Winter Olympic Games. 

He is now on the Board of Australia’s Olympic Winter Institute, the funding and organising body for winter sports in Australia.

During his skating career Steven received some shocking injuries.

In a terrifying crash in Montreal in 1994 his thigh was opened up so severely by a competitor’s blade, he lost four litres of blood and received 111 stitches. 

In another accident in 2000 he broke his neck during a training session. 

He established a custom speed skate and cycling shoe company exporting to 22 countries and proudly saw his boots pick up a swag of Olympic Medals. 

He sold the business in 2012.

Steven’s stories are delightfully told in his best-selling book, ‘Last Man Standing’.

Steven travels from Brisbane.


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  • Steve,

    I thought your gig was great – targeted , precise and entertaining.  I will keep you in mind for other gigs and will recommend you to other PCO’s

    Barry Neame CEM Director
 Consec - Conference Management


Steven Bradbury - Meet The Speaker

The Most Unexpected Gold Medal In History - Steven Bradbury | Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics