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Saul Eslake

One of Australia’s most respected economic commentators; when Saul Eslake talks, decision makers listen.

Saul has the unique ability to cut through market and economic trends, translating their relevance in a way mere mortals understand. 

As a Chief Economist in Australian financial markets for over 25 years, Saul’s comments and economic findings generate attention.

Whether on the 7:30 report, Sky News or in The Financial Times, Saul is known to bring the spotlight onto important domestic and global economic issues, pulling them further into mainstream view.

His ideas and forecasts aren’t all shake-ups however; Saul also means business.

In June this year, Saul completed a successful appointment as Chief Economist for Bank of America Merrill Lynch Australia, significantly raising the bank’s pro le since joining in 2011.

Previous roles include; Chief Economist at ANZ (the Australia & New Zealand Banking Group), International Chief Economist at National Mutual Funds Management and as a Director at Grattan Institute, a ‘think tank’ affiliated with Melbourne University.

Saul has also served in the public sphere as a Member of the Howard Government’s Foreign Affairs and Trade Policy Advisory Council, as well as the Rudd and Gillard Government’s Long Term Tourism Strategy Steering Committee and National Housing Supply Council.

Saul’s easily digestible and down-to-earth insights means he presents a well-researched and clear economic picture on a range of highly charged and relevant topics to various industries, corporations and ‘mere mortals’ across the globe.

Given the uid nature of the economy, Saul customises every presentation to speci cally suit the audience and industry in both private and public sectors.


Saul travels from Tasmania 

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  • The audience feedback was outstanding and from my perspective it was the best presentation that I have seen in my 20 years with the ASX. 

    Australian Stock Exchange
  • It is rare that an economist turns the house alight – you certainly did so at lunch last week ... the reaction by all present was that of a satisfied gathering.

    The breadth of the subject matter and the clarity with which you covered issues of significant complexity was exciting to behold. 

    Australia-British Chamber of Commerce

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