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Ron Reed

A veteran of the sports journalist world, Ron Reed is a recently retired sports journalist and author with more than 50 years experience. Having covered most major sporting events in his time, Ron shares great experiences around international sport, Australians at the Olympics, the coming of age of women's sport and anecdotes from dealing with some big names in sport.



Ron Reed is a recently-retired sports journalist and author of more than 50 years experience, mostly with the Herald and Weekly Times, where he was Editor of the old Sporting Globe — once one of heartbeats of sports journalism in Australia —  served two terms as Sports Editor of The Herald, and was Chief Sportswriter and Contributing Editor of the Herald Sun. His work on a vast range of domestic and international sport — big and not so big — has taken him to all parts of Australia and around the world many times and has earned several prestigous awards, including Australian Sportswriter of the Year in 1998 and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Australian Sports Commission in 2013. He has written five books about football, cycling and tennis and contributed to several others.

As a columnist and feature writer, there is hardly a sport Ron hasn’t covered at the elite level, multiple times, including nine Olympic Games, six Commonwealth Games, tours of almost every country where Test cricket is played, several editions of cycling’s Tour de France and Italian Giro, America’s Cup sailing, major tennis and golf tournaments, world title fights, world championships in athletics, swimming, road and track cycling, triathlon, hockey and rowing, as well as horse racing and all of the football codes. This has involved dealing with many hundreds of champion athletes, coaches, administrators and fans, all of whom have had a story to tell or a performance worth remembering.

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