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Roland Sullivan

Roland Sullivan is an organisation development (OD) expert and one of the original 100 OD change agents in the world.

He has led change efforts with over 1,000 organisations in 35 countries.

Holding masters’ degrees in OD from Loyola in Chicago and Pepperdine in Los Angeles - reputed to have the most recognised degree on Change Management in the world - he has taught OD at 20 universities.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Roland founded the MN OD network in 1974 and since then has been a tireless force in developing OD awareness and capability in Asia.

Since the mid-1960?s, he has been a full-time OD pioneer working virtually in every major industry as an expert in authentic organisation development.

For the past 20 years he has served as Chair of the OD Institute's Committee to Define Knowledge and Skills for Competence in OD. The Institute uses this research in accrediting university programs around the globe in organisation change.

His practice simply involves four elements:

  • Transform a leadership team;
  • Transform the critical mass of that organisation;
  • Transform an internal change agent that will sustain the organisation change long term, and to
  • Sustain transformation.

Editing over a dozen ‘management of change’ books including the popular third edition of Practicing Organisation Development, keeps him in touch with best change practices. The first edition was the first OD book to be translated into Chinese.

In 2004 he co-founded the Asian OD Network rapidly growing membership in Singapore, Dubai, China, India and Thailand. His current vision is to bring alive the OD seeds that Dr. Udai Pareek planted in Asia over 50 years ago.

Roland firmly believes the future of the world is in Asia and predicts that by 2025 China and India will not only lead the world in Gross National Product but in ideas as well.

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Roland Sullivan