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Richard Craig

What Business Can Learn from the Lessons of History

A unique business conference and corporate presentation that will strengthen decision making and other business skills

Business advisor, corporate communications expert and history specialist, Richard Craig, as publisher of, is an authority on what business can learn from the lessons of history.


A knowledge of history makes business executives wiser, more mature and insightful, and improves judgement and decision making skills.

This outstanding presentation will enhance morale and motivational levels within your business, producing more committed and well-rounded executives and other team members.

The presentation will further strengthen participant’s decision making skills, which are central to the efficient running of a business.

A fascinating, informative and inspirational presentation.

Extensively researched, instructive and entertaining, ‘What Business Can Learn from the Lessons of History’ is a novel and fresh approach to broadening and enriching business capabilities.

Presenter Richard Craig has an economics and commerce degree from the University of Melbourne.

A former auditor, he has over 25 years’ corporate communications experience consulting to a diverse range of major Australian and international corporations.

He has lectured at Melbourne, RMIT and Deakin Universities.

A history devotee, he is the founder and publisher of


Richard travels from Melbourne

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What business can learn from history