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Renée Giarrusso

From a young age Renée has always been fascinated with people and human behaviour.

She loves the diversity of people’s perspectives and insights and this led her to be on a continual journey…she has never stopped learning! resizeimage 2


The past 16 years has seen Renée develop and grow 1000s of individuals, teams and organisations across 24 industries to successfully increase leadership and communication agility, and therefore performance and success in role.

Over the last 22 years Renée Giarrusso has been a highly regarded Sales and Business Manager, Account Manager and Executive Consultant, Coach, Trainer and facilitator, running her own practice for nine years. resizeimage 2 copy


What lights her up and excites her is assisting executives to go to the next level by shifting mindset, behaviours and transitioning from a manager mindset to a limitless leader.

Renée is a person who passionately gives her clients the opportunity to grow and develop by inspiring inner potential of anyone she works with.

She lights people up with possibility and the tools and inspiration to bridge any gap.

Her approach is tailored so that individual, business and organisational objectives are met, in line with what the clients needs, not a one fits all solution.

Renée’s background serves her well in understanding the audience she works with at a deep level. Being both a well versed and experienced sales person and leader, Renée knows what it takes to achieve success in these areas.

Renée travels from Melbourne.

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