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Peter Meehan

Long-time professionals in the industry would agree that Peter has now assumed the mantle as the best MC in the business since the late Tony Charlton. It’s due to his attention to detail, poise, timing and command of a situation where the comparison is taken.

The contrast of 20-plus years compering the Carlton Football Club’s President’s Lunch to being MC at an Anzac Day service at the Shrine of Remembrance is indicative of his versatility.

Peter Meehan has long been regarded as the consummate master of ceremonies, the ‘perfect link’ at corporate award presentations and major events and one of Australia's best event facilitators.

His perfect timing to ensure a program runs to schedule stems from his radio days watching the second hand on studio clocks tick down to the exact moment when he had to ‘throw’ to a news bulletin, speak to a talk-back caller or play a commercial.

(For many years Peter was a breakfast host on KZFM (now Gold FM), and current affairs talk station, 3AW Melbourne.)

He is a stickler for detail and spends time with clients before an engagement to ensure he has a full appreciation of a client’s business enabling him to deliver a seamless presentation.

Through his vast experience he can also assist organisers to tweak a running sheet to improve the flow of a program. He says doing his homework enables him to interact with an audience and inject meaningful and credible ad libs during a show.

The key to being a good MC he says is to remain unflappable at the lectern no matter what happens such as the unpredictable occurrence of an audio failure. The good MC, he says, can overcome the unexpected and restore control.

When he is not on stage as an MC Peter is an engaging and entertaining speaker. He has wonderful stories to tell during his time as a Squadron Leader in the Royal Australian Air Force Reserve.

Peter served as a Public Affairs Officer for Army's Black Hawk operations in East Timor during the International Peacekeeping operations and managed media affairs for the Army’s 5th Aviation Regiment Black Hawk helicopter operations during the Sydney Olympics.

He runs his own business providing media training, media awareness and personal presentation skills for many of Australia’s largest companies.

Peter travels from Melbourne.

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