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Peter Maher

Peter is an astute media commentator who spent 25 years monitoring news reports and current affairs stories for governments, the corporate world and individuals cringing at the blunders made by spokespeople.

Now he reveals in a no holds barred presentation how and why adverse publicity can be avoided and how to get off the front page.

Peter Maher is somewhat different to most who work in the media. These days he spends most of his time trying to get people off the front pages of newspapers and television news and not on them.

His experience at Rehame the national media monitoring and analysis agency he started and ran for 25 years has provided him with unlimited war stories on managing media crises for some of Australia’s leading companies and identities.

Today Peter provides daily and weekly commentary on the Fairfax Radio Network on a myriad of interests from politics to the Tour de France and everything in between.

Leadership and communication are two of the main strengths Peter was able to impart with great success in his own business and today he is still providing advice to many different institutions on how best to improve in this area.

In 2001 the Premier of Victoria appointed him Chairman of Chairman of the Premier’s Drug Prevention Council and along with the three other founding directors became responsible for the formation of the Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership.

When Michael Long set off on The Long Walk to Canberra in November 2004 with 11 others including Peter, the profile of Indigenous Australians changed forever from that time. 'Dreamtime at the G' and the round of AFL football that celebrates Indigenous representation and history in the VFL/AFL came about as a direct result of that historic walk.

Sport, Politics and media have been part of Peter's life for a long time and when he and his three other independent directors decided to take on the might of Rupert Murdoch and News Ltd over the unsubstantiated penalties handled down to Melbourne Storm, he became the news.

Rupert Murdoch could not believe that the directors he appointed to run his club would not toe his corporate line and sacked all four to cease court action brought by them against the competition, half owned by the former Australian and now naturalised American.

Foresight and the ability to think outside the square are the main attributes Peter can bring to any table and combined with his love of the contest there is no fight that he will not undertake.

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