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Mark Latham

Mark Latham grew up in Green Valley near Liverpool in Western Sydney and went to school at Ashcroft Primary School and Hurlstone Agricultural High School, where he was Dux in 1978.

He studied economics at Sydney University, winning the JK Galbraith Prize for Political Economy in 1980 and graduating with an honours degree in 1982. 


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He then worked for a series of Labor politicians, including John Kerin, Gough Whitlam and Bob Carr, before becoming Mayor of Liverpool (1991-94).  

Earlier, he had been elected to Liverpool Council as an East Ward Alderman in 1987.

In national politics, Mark Latham was the Member for Werriwa (1994-2005), a Labor shadow minister (1996-98 and 2001-2003) and Leader of the Opposition (2003-2005).

After holding an early lead in the polls, he led Labor unsuccessfully in its attempt to win government against John Howard at the October 2004 Federal election.


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Since leaving parliament in 2005, he has been a columnist for various newspapers, including the Australian Financial Review(2007-2015) and Sydney’s Daily Telegraph (2016-2018).  

He is the author of 12 books, including Civilising Global Capital (1998), The Latham Diaries (2005) and Outsiders (2017).  

His 13thbook, Take Back Australia, is due to be released in late 2018.

Mr. Latham is prominent in the Australian media as a commentator on Radio 2GB/4BC, 2SM Radio Network and Seven Sunrise.

Against the media orthodoxy, in 2015 he became well known as an early and strong supporter of Donald Trump in his bid for the US Presidency.

Mr Latham is one of Australia’s leading advocates of ‘outsider’ politics.




He strongly opposes the impact of political correctness and identity politics on public debate, freely speaking his mind on a range of issues. 

In March 2017 he established an online platform ‘Mark Latham’s Outsiders’.

It ran a successful, high-profile Save Australia Day campaign in January 2018.

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