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Mark Eustice

Mark Eustice is a tough individual, both physically and mentally, but admits his mental strength far outweighs his physicality.

He played AFL football with Essendon, Richmond and Sydney hiding a deep secret that he was suffering from un-diagnosed bipolar depression since he was 18.

Mark Eustice was a successful AFL football and businessmen that suffered from and diagnosed bipolar disorder.

After his football career and without the nurturing and supportive environment a sports club can provide Mark became clinically depressed.

To cope with this depression began to heavily use alcohol and drugs of all types.

Overtime at these became fully-fledged addictions that took over his life and lead it to dire consequences; mainly the breakup of his close relationships, financial ruin, poor physical health and further mental health issues.

He lost everything in one doctor’s opinion was close to death.

Fortunately he was persuaded by friends to enter our rehabilitation facility.

This turned out to be a successful endeavor and pivotal Time in his life.

He’s mental condition was properly diagnosed and treated and he has been drug free and sober 10 years.

Now Mark uses his experience to help people overcome the hidden obstacles to success.

While experts and statistics can help you understand the ever-growing issues of mental health and addiction, Marks raw an honest story provides a riveting example of how easy it is and what it takes to successfully come out the other side.

 “There is no weakness in reaching out – only strength in finding support”

Mark Eustice can make a serious contribution to an education program.


Mark travels from Melbourne.


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  • "This is a story that people need to know. How courage, dedication, faith and friendship can turn a life around.

    I urge you, your family, your workforce, your sporting organisation and importantly OUR youth to listen AND learn."

    Dr David Marsh
  • “We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your presentation At Lifestyle Seasons last Friday afternoon.

    The feedback we received was great, and as you would have noticed it hit home with a lot of the audience.”

    STEPHEN SHARP Community Manager at Lifestyle Seasons
  • As the director of the CT Connections Travel Group I felt that Mark's story was one I wanted  to share with as many of my colleague's as possible.

    Mark's talk was raw, emotional and honest. 

    We are an office of approx. 50 people aged from 24 - 60 years and Mark had the room captivated.

    Well done Mark - you are a super courageous individual who has been to the dark side and back.

    GARY REICHENBERG Director, CT Connections

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