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Marina Bakker

A total of 149 countries were measured on the Gender Equity Ladder by the World Economic Forum in 2018.

Australia was ranked 35th on a global index measuring gender equality, slipping from a high point of 15th in 2006. 

While Australia scores very highly in the area of educational attainment, there is still a lot of progress to be made in the areas of economic participation and opportunity and political empowerment.


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In Australia women continue to remain underrepresented at every stage of the career pipeline in Australia.

Providing women with opportunities to gain leadership competencies is an important first step to bridge the gender equity gap.

Marina Bakker is a corporate coach, educator, and author with vast experience in organisational development, facilitation, and training.


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She delivers innovative organisational workplace training and consultation services working with a diverse range of domestic and international corporate clients.

Marina’s current work focus is in assisting women access their inner strength and leadership potential.

Her passion, commitment and drive are directed to services to help break the glass ceiling that prevents many women self-actualise their leadership and business aspirations.

Women continue to be......Women are a huge and largely untapped resource in organisations......For women, the corporate talent pipeline is often leaking and blocked.- Vik Malhotra, Forbes 2017  


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We need new approaches to address the gender equity gap in the workplace and in business.

I believe that a starting point to achieve this is to make leadership skill development and mentoring accessible to women at entry-level employment.

Whereas I have noticed that leadership development opportunities are often only provided to women who make it to management levels and beyond.

Our focus needs to be on creating these opportunities for more women if we are to bridge the equity gap.


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