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Marcia Griffin

Marcia Griffin has an incredibly diverse history of success in both her corporate and entrepreneurial life.

Marcia’s business life began at the Australian Wool Corporation where she travelled the world as a very young woman visiting the major wool consuming countries, researching and analysing demand for Australian Wool.

She left the corporate world to take on more entrepreneurial challenges but before doing so she had acquired a second degree from Melbourne University and completed an MBA (preliminary).

So armed with a BA,Dip. Ed.B.Com .MBA (prelim) she started a completely new venture Pola Cosmetics.

Her life changed dramatically when she met with the franchisee of Pola Cosmetics and started that business for him in Australia-eventually becoming the CEO of Pola Cosmetics and managing and motivating the sales team she built from zero to nearly 5000 consultants around Australia and New Zealand.

Over a three year time period she negotiated a percentage share with the global Japanese company-unheard of in the Japanese corporate world.

 That achievement led to her becoming the first Telstra Victorian Business Woman of the Year in 1995.

Since then Marcia has written a business autobiography, High Heeled Success, published in 1998 and now in its third print.

In her second, recently published book, Finding NewMeaning in Life, Marcia collaborated with a psychologist.


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This book combines business wisdom with the empowering psychology of Viktor Frankl and sets out the tools to retaining strong mental health based on having a purpose and finding meaning in life.

Marcia has been on the Board of many different companies including the public company PMP, Australia’s largest printing business, National Pharmacies, Carpet Court, The World Master Games, Tourism Victoria, Melbourne Storm, The Queen Victoria Market and the Mansion at Werribee Park

Marcia is currently a recently elected Stonnington Councillor, a Chair with the CEO Institute,a CEO mentoring organization and  is on the boards of Care Connect, and National Seniors.

She has recently sold a second skincare business she founded- griffin+row- a range of natural Australian, plant based skincare products which sells in selected pharmacies and online.

 Her business life has been diverse, fascinating, successful and never –ending!

Marcia believes that, above all being on purpose and finding meaning in life is the key to lifelong success and satisfaction. 

Marcia is a polished speaker and her unique and varied career enables her to inspire and motivate her audience through her stories of success as well as some of the mistakes she has made along the way.

Marcia shares these lessons in a humorous and honest manner that engages her audience at all levels in business and life.  

Marcia travels from Melbourne.

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