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Lorin Nicholson

As one of Australia’s most prolific and prominent motivational speakers, Lorin Nicholson not only understands the keys and principles for success, he personifies them and has now shared this knowledge and experience in over 4000 keynote addresses to more than a million people across all industries. 


Lorin on Stage

Many have an incredible story to tell, however Lorin possesses that rare story telling ability that truly motivates, captivates, entertains and empowers others with the skills, knowledge and determination to create their own success. 

Unlike the usual, naturally gifted celebrity athlete, business person and motivational speakers who choose to become successful, Lorin was forced to dig deep, fight hard and muster every ounce of his will-power just to be normal.  

At age four, Lorin was declared legally blind, however despite the enormous challenges of blindness growing up and the pessimistic views and low expectations of so many, it soon became obvious that Lorin possessed an incredible inner strength, resilience and determination that would see him destined for great things. 

Whether focussed on becoming an academic achiever, a record breaking athlete, an award-winning music producer and virtuoso guitarist, or building a strong and successful business, amazingly, Lorin continues to surge on to achieve far above and beyond most abled people. 

Lorin’s powerful messages, captivating delivery style and incredible guitar playing, coupled with his unrelenting determination through adversity and infectious enthusiasm for life always leaves an indelible imprint on the lives of everyone he meets. 

Whether it’s giving your team a motivational pep-up, or developing greater initiative, vision and leadership among your staff members, or refocusing your company’s direction and business positioning strategy, Lorin is renown for his profound ability to communicate, innovate and accelerate individuals and organisations towards higher achievement.

With an amazing story to tell, Lorin is real, completely engaging and absolutely inspirational!

Lorin travels from Brisbane

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  • Lorin Nicholson is fast becoming one of Australia’s pre-eminent entertainers and motivational speakers. 

    He has an imposing and unforgettable presence, and a musical ability that has attracted the genuine acclaim of critical experts. 

    But more than that, Lorin is a decent bloke who personifies life's ideals, and unfailingly gifts an audience with something that is very special - an example of using the gifts that each of us has been given.

    He is a real talent, and an inspiration that lives life-long with all those with whom he comes in contact. He tells each of us "Don't die with the music in you''. 

    Tony Koch - Chief Reporter - The Australian Newspaper
  • We’ve had many celebrity speakers address our organisation over the years and I don’t know how we will ever find another one to top Lorin’s amazing performance and keynote.

    Robert McCann - General Manager - Patron Finance
  • I had the honour of listening to you play and speak at the JBS event this weekend and I just wanted to say thank you, you were incredibly humbling and inspiring. 

    And as my kids would say, your guitar playing rocked.

    Mark Buckland - Process Improvement Manager - Primo Smallgoods
  • JBS definitely chose the right person.  You're truly amazing!  Keep inspiring!

    Ken Palafox - JBS Australia
  • Our group of companies are part of an ASX listed group. 

    Like many Mining companies our operation is under increasing pressure from global markets and many other factors that apply strain to our business and staff, it is easy to lose your vision in a modern and fast paced business world. 

    Lorin Nicholson recently presented an outstanding and inspiring presentation to our Senior Executives and Management at our regional operation. 

    Not only did his stories and practical tools motivate and remind us that we have to push through these times and to come together as a team, he left an important message, to let the next decision each of us make in life and work be the one that defines us.

    It is so important in business to take time to evaluate how to move forward positively and with a clear vision of what we want to achieve, we thank Lorin for his time and highly recommend him to deliver inspiring content with fantastic music. 

    Kane Martin - Commercial Manager - Christmas Island Phosphates’
  • Lorin’s performance, with his poignant message and endearing wit, not to mention the spellbinding guitar work, was the perfect way to close our inaugural conference.

    People are still talking about it several months later.

    He is a true professional, and we look forward to being associated with him again in the future.   

    John Adams - Organising Committee - National Indigenous Educators’ Conference

Lorin Nicholson - Blind Guitarist and Motivational Speakers