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Leanne Hall

An experienced clinical psychologist, over the last 15 years Leanne has transformed the lives of hundreds of people, helping her patients overcome debilitating psychological illnesses.

She is focused on prevention, self-nurturing, and sustainable health, and believes that the mind and body are interconnected. 

As a result, Leanne is committed to motivating her patients, be they teenagers or adults, to achieve a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, using a combination of positive psychology and mindfulness techniques, holistic nutrition and fitness coaching.

She has worked extensively for Channel 10 as their Mind & Body Expert on The Living Room and Studio 10, and is regularly quoted in various online and print publications and podcasts.

Her knowledge is broad and the topics she covers diverse - everything from relationships to the beauty myth, body image, women’s self esteem, parenting and teenage mental health, to the food you should pack in your children’s lunch boxes and how much exercise you need.

Leanne holds several degrees and qualifications, including an Honours Degree and Clinical Masters Degree in Psychology.

She is a fully qualified Personal Trainer with a passion for running! In her private practice in Sydney’s Hills District, Leanne assesses and treats individuals and couples, experiencing a range of disorders and conditions.

She combines evidence based treatment approaches with health coaching, nutritional counselling, exercise programming and motivation techniques for a holistic mind and body approach to mental health.

In addition, her background as a University Lecturer, and her passion for speaking and interacting with larger audiences, see Leanne regularly on the speaking and presenting circuit.

She’s grounded and authentic, determined, intelligent, compassionate and committed to living a life that is fun, that she can be proud of and that helps others to be the best they can be.

Due for release in early 2017 is Leanne’s first book ‘Head First, Health Fast’ - a smart approach to outwitting our body issues and achieving sustainable health.

An expert on physical and mental wellness, relationships, parenting, health and fitness, Leanne is available for media opportunities, brand partnerships, TV, radio presenting and corporate keynote speaking

Leanne travels from Sydney

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Meet Leanne Hall - Psychologist + Mind & Body Expert