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Laurie Serafini

Laurie Serafini has been a high achiever throughout his life totally driven by passion and enthusiasm to succeed academically and in sport and business. But life, he says, is like a box of chocolates - you don't know what's coming next!

He reminds us that 'losing is part of winning' which is something we need to learn from the hard knocks we cop on our journey through life. It's how we respond is what counts.

As a former VFL champion and a long-time director of the Brisbane Lions, Laurie Serafini certainly thinks outside the goal square!

Laurie is a “cancer thriver”. Last year Laurie had cancer…………..and 20 years ago he had cancer.

In this cancer thriver entertaining, informative session, Laurie talks about being told you have cancer – twice……….and dealing with Health , Wellbeing, Work, and staying alive………….and bringing your “A game!”!

His thought-provoking presentation style developed by being on the speaking and training circuit for over 18 years is totally engaging. Laurie knows full well about winning and losing but says nothing can be learned without integrity.

“Losing is part of winning and although you’re going to lose a lot in life, in sport and in business, it is the way you handle adversity that counts,” he says.

His communication skills stem from his early life as a teacher which groomed him to be a successful sales manager and have the confidence to establish his own communications company.

And his determination comes from his Italian immigrant parents who came to Australia to start a new life.

Laurie’s strong keynote presentations include “Business & Sport - Both Games of Centimetres” in which he talks about the parallels of business and sport and how and why ‘centimetres can give you that winning feeling’.

Another, “Hesitation is the Thief of Opportunity” is about learning to overcome business hesitation because it is a real blocker to excellent performance.

Laurie recently took the biggest gamble of his life, successfully developing 78 apartments in the city edge of Melbourne - something he says he could not have achieved without self-belief, determination and preparation.

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