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Jaquie Scammell

Renowned Customer Relations expert Jaquie Scammell thrives at the intersection of people and customer, transforming cultures to ‘think customer’.

Jaquie believes that in the age of machines and the rise of the robots, the number one competitive advantage for businesses in an automated world, is to obsess about the human connection between employee and customer.

Jaquie has an infectious energy that you feel from the stage and will provide you with fresh insights on how to build emotional labour into your operating systems; resulting in re - energising your staff to care more about the customer.

Jaquie has over 20 years of leadership experience in industries such as hospitality, major events and the world of sports and entertainment.

Her humble beginnings started within the McDonalds franchise system and have expanded to mobilising mass workforces in venues such as Wembley National Stadium (UK) and global events such as the Australian Open Grand Slam.

Based in Melbourne, nurturing a deep appreciation for world-class coffee and conversation, Jaquie will open your mind to new ways of working with the biggest variable that all businesses have…. People.

 “Why serve when you can inspire” Jaquie Scammell 

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  • “Straight away we felt chemistry with Jaquie. Her work has helped us articulate our purpose, bring our brand to life and has seen the implementation of new innovative solutions to drive operational excellence across our sites."

    Paul Valenti
    Gema Group 


    Jacqui Scammell

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