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Glenn Manton

Some say ‘business is business’... Glenn  Manton says ‘people are business’.

20 years of public speaking experience has seen Glenn place his focus squarely on people by drawing on his diverse background as a education professional, elite athlete, media personality and creative consultant to provide tailored presentations and workshops to corporations, schools and sporting clubs each of whom represent various business environments. Glenn believes these environments are driven by people and that success and/or profitability is driven by building better relationships via communications between those people.

Glenn’s presentations are aimed at shifting the focus too the people within an organization and away from ‘just’ the bottomline.

He believes we are essentially tribal in nature and that by developing relationships and communications within groups business practice will be optimised.

Glenn will show you how one of the most effective ways to increase relationships and communications is to create opportunities for authentic interpersonal connection.

By increasing internal and external knowledge within a group, Glenn allows groups to ‘gel’ and individuals to ‘grow’.

Glenn’s workshops creatively weave humor, storytelling and questioning to engage and develop his audience. While organic development is ideal often ‘work’ and time hampers such connection.

Investing in a facilitator to ensure that authentic connection is made is a sound business decision. Glenn’s passion and experience in creating and facilitating bespoke workshops is second to none.

Glenn appreciates ‘business’ from every angle and as such knows that the bottom line in any business is always it’s people.

The nature of Glenn’s workshop means that it can be thoughtfully tailored to catered to any group.

Areas that Glenn specialises in keynote speaking and/or workshopping including:

  • Individual and group development 
  • Think tank facilitation 
  • Topical workshops 
  • Storytelling (pre/post dinner)
  • Motivation and inspiration 
  • Education
  • Connecting with youth
  • Teaching strategies
  • Health and lifestyle development 
  • Sports 

Glenn is also in demand as an MC given his ability to engage with an audience whilst promoting (or interviewing) other speakers, facilitating activities or creating atmosphere.

Glenn travels from Melbourne.

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