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Dr Jack Ayerbe

Dr Jack Ayerbe is one of Australia’s leading commentators on issues affecting animals, he is an innovator and traveller with many a story. He is also the survivor of a serious car crash that took many years of rehabilitation to recover much of his life. An experienced public speaker with a couple of decades involvement in radio, he is available to tell either story... or both.

Jack the Vet

Jack Ayerbe completed his degree in Veterinary Science at Melbourne University in 1968. After a time working in Melbourne he moved to Ballina in Ireland for work. His veterinary practice then was still very much centred around farming animals and was years behind modern developments, and Jack was privileged to enjoy historic and indeed outdated experiences. Jack enjoyed many humorous experiences during his time in Ballina which became the subject of his first book To Ballina and Back.

Eventually Jack returned to Australia and he established Newtown Veterinary Clinic in Geelong which he still runs today. This practice now employs eight veterinarians. He has also been a regular radio commentator on animals.

In 2006 Jack was asked to participate in a research project with a cancer treatment drug. He accepted and was so impressed that he eventually joined the board of the developing company Qbiotics.

In this talk Jack will entertain with humour about his experiences as a long time veterinarian and then reveal the great advances in the anticancer development of Qbiotics.

Jack the Crash Survivor

Late in 1993, Jack’s life changed forever when he a tram ran a red light slammed into his car.

Impaled by 30 tonnes of metal, his lungs and pelvis were smashed and a long recovery was on the cards. He was extreme pain, but he took to his recovery with his renowned sense of humour and the motivation to return to work.

The crash left Jack with permanent pain and disability and yet he has been able to enjoy a normal professional career.
In this talk Jack will demonstrate how he has been able to manage pain and disability and carry on with a normal life.

Dr Jack travels from Melbourne.

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