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Craig Lovett

Craig Lovett is arguably one of the most experienced people today in the area of cleaning and waste strategies for venues and events around the world. His experience comes from the daily hands-on approach to growing his business on a global basis, however, nowadays Craig is invited to speak all over the world on venue design, the importance of cleaning and waste integration, and the systems now used to ensure environmental integrity.

In a period covering 23 years, Craig took a small Australian company to a worldwide-recognised success. His business and relationship skills have seen Cleanevent expand throughout Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe and more recently the Middle East. His ability to instil a ‘We are part of the show’ mentality, combined with savvy business and relationship skills have ensured loyal staff and clients around the World.

Projects that require complex coordination, extensive planning, and a commitment to excellence are what Craig does best. His straight forward approach ensures that all stakeholders have clear leadership and communication. Craig has been the benefactor of many awards for business management, export and leadership. In 1999, Craig was awarded the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Incognitus is the next chapter in Craig’s life where he will be able to call on the knowledge gained over the journey and apply his skills to assisting other achieve their dream.

As project team leader, Craig has presided over the following many events, including:

  • Tough Mudder Event Construction and management
  • Numerous Olympic Games and major athletics events around the world as either an IOC advisor or project team leader
  • The Australian Formula One Grand Prix and Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix as Project Team Leader
  • 2007 ICC World Cup Cricket as Project Team Leader
  • Australian Open Tennis Championships, The Championships, Wimbledon, and the US Open Tennis Championships as Project Team Leader

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