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Clem Newton-Brown

Clem is a former Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Member of Parliament and planning barrister who now runs Skyportz - a business, which is establishing the landing infrastructure for Uber Air’s new flying taxi service.

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Clem worked with the Victorian government in pitching Melbourne as a test city for Uber Air and it is one of just three cities in the world, which was announced by Uber at its Uber Elevate summit in Washington in 2019.

Our cities are about to be hit by a transport revolution- think driverless cars, delivery drones, micro mobility on electric scooters and electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (“eVTOL”) flying taxis.

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The technologies are already here and Clem is at the frontline pushing the boundaries for city planning and regulatory changes which will be required.

In his presentation Clem can provide insights as to how Uber came to select Melbourne as a test city for urban aerial mobility and what this will mean for Australia.

Clem is not just a futurist who predicts the future - he is actually creating the urban environment to facilitate the biggest change the world has seen since the invention of the motor vehicle.

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Without doubt..the future will be here sooner than you think and Clem will give you a fascinating insight into this new world that will really make you think.


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  • Clem’s presentation on the future of urban aerial mobility with Uber Air certainly opened our eyes to the opportunities for our clients in the property sector.

    He guided us through topics such as the current status of various prototypes aircraft to practical issues around air traffic control, political imperatives, community licence and where property owners can play a role in aerial ride sharing services.

    He also covered the related topic of drone deliveries (which Google have already started in Australia) and what is required from a regulatory perspective to get our Uber Eats by air.

    Our team have been given a lot to think about as we prepare for this transport revolution, which is going to fundamentally change the way we live and move through cities.

    Josh Rutman, Director - CBRE Melbourne Middle Markets

  • “Clem presented at our industry conference on the emerging urban aerial mobility (UAM) capability and associated challenges.  

    Clem has an articulate, well-informed and entertaining style that kept the audience fully engaged. 

    Surrounded by industry folk who believe that UAM reality is still far into the future, Clem was able to deliver a compelling presentation convincing many that future is here already

    Greg Tyrrell, Executive Director - Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS)

Skyportz and Uber Air