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Charlie Bezzina

Charlie’s chilling stories about investigating brutal murders and his life in the homicide squad are in stark contrast to the sheltered lives most of us have led.

He will fascinate you with the painstaking attention to detail required for gathering evidence to solve crimes and the necessity of strong leadership over close-knit dedicated teams.

Charlie Bezzina has probably seen more than his fair share of life and death than most people having spent 17 years in the homicide squad during a 38-year career with Victoria Police.

He investigated over 150 homicides and fatal police shootings and more than 300 suspicious deaths which brought him face-to-face with killers and evil pre-meditated murderers.

Needless to say Charlie has many fascinating 'war stories' from his days as an undercover drug squad cop and his involvement in many high profile homicide investigations including the society murders of Margaret Mary and Paul Wales-King.

He says being a homicide cop is not the most glamorous job in the world but securing a conviction is most satisfying and rewarding citing the investigation into the chilling deaths of three Frankston women by serial Killer Paul Charles Denyer as one of his best ever achievements.

Nevertheless, the pain-staking attention to detail, working around the clock and having little or no sleep to make an arrest is definitely worthwhile, he says.

During his time with the homicide squad he received three commendations as an investigator and following his retirement from the force in 2009 wrote a best-selling auto-biography entitled 'The Job'.

Charlie is a sought-after commentator on radio and television discussing crime, policing and judicial matters. He is a Private Investigator and a Security & Risk Consultant.  He recently completed a 14-month contract leading the Investigations Unit of Greyhound Racing Victoria and currently risk and security issues with one o Australia's leading bus companies.

Charlie is a big believer in giving back to his community and is President of the Sunshine and Western Region Sports Club raising funds for young athletes in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.  He is also Ambassador for the Westgate Blue Ribbon Foundation. 

His gripping presentation puts you in the shoes of what it takes to be a Homicide Investigator and solve the offence of murder, the most heinous of crimes.

Charlie travels from Melbourne.

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