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Cameron Schwab

"From Success To Significance"
Compelling Wisdom, Creativity and Bravery
Having, Building and belief...


“If there is one presentation you get to hear this year, go and see Cam.

Your business will thank you.

The ways in which he unpacked purpose, culture, identity and trust are mind-blowing.”


Cam present around my personal mantra “Finding Something”, an honest, disarming and personal account of the deep challenges of leadership, navigating change and building trust in teams and organisations.

Cam's goal is much more than an ‘engaged’ audience.

He want people reaching for their pens, writing down quotes, taking photos of the slides and models that are presented, and telling the stories and learnings to friends and families.

Cam will honour the opportunity that you have provided to present to your people with immaculate preparation, authenticity and energy, and with a commitment that the time we spend together is memorable, moving and motivating.

Cameron Schwab will inspire and captivate the doubt.

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  • “Cameron absolutely smashed it out of the park. His presentation opened up the rest of the event to being authentic, which became the catch-cry for our retreat.
    He is world-class and will deliver outstanding content that is practical, unique and delivered with vulnerability and authenticity.”

    Brendan Keogh – The Practice
  • Cameron Schwab’s presentation to the CEO Forum was raw, passionate and insightful.

    I was taken aback by his engaging style and willingness to share his own story in a way that was at times raw and vulnerable.

    His insights into leadership and the challenges that go with it, gave me a lot to think about as I bought his messages back to my own organisation and family.

    I would recommend him as a keynote speaker in a heartbeat. In fact, I already have.

    It was the best presentation I’ve listened to in the past 2-3 years.

    Jim Mole- Chief Executive Officer, Ameropa Australia
  • I think the hour I spend in Pullman hotel last Thursday is probably more valuable than day I spent in other events or meeting time.

    Absolutely inspirational and it made difference to what I think and what I plan to do.

    The thing impress me the most is that Cam is presenting with his heart, not just his head. This is rare in today’s world.

    Excellent visual effect with great relevant content, the presentation really stands out and it can speak for itself.

    However, with Cam’s passion and great storytelling skill, the message was delivered 100 times louder and clearer than the presentation itself.

    I simply think Cam and his presentation is better than any other presenters I met in CEO Forum in the last 2.5 years.

    Really enjoyed.

    Richard Ye - General Manager, Australia / New Zealand, Armstrong Flooring
  • Cam, I loved it mate.

    Really touched my heart and altered my trajectory on how I view my business.

    I am using your teachings downstream with my management staff. Look forward to crossing paths again.

    Presentation was engaging, honest, relevant and entertaining.

    It was a raw, authentic account of what can and does work with a mindset that something can always go wrong.

    I was physically emotional, especially around the “Its not how you get knocked down, its how you get up”.

    Time seemed to go by very quickly.

    Everyone was blown away with the delivery of this address.

    I have told a lot of people how good this was and if they get the chance, they should seek out the opportunity to see for themselves.


    Chris Bakes - Manging Director, One Team

"Finding Something - From Success to Significance"

"What Business Can Learn from Football"