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Bruce Guthrie

Bruce Guthrie is one of Australia’s most acclaimed and controversial newspaper editors, a feisty Fairfax columnist and insightful ABC broadcaster and commentator.

He is a former editor of 'The Age', 'The Sunday Age', 'The Weekend Australian Magazine', 'Herald Sun' and 'Who Weekly' - postings even the most ambitious journalists could never imagine achieving.

Guthrie also has the distinction of being unceremoniously fired by Rupert Murdoch, dumped without warning as editor of the 'Herald Sun', despite national acclaim and record readership and profits. His stint as editor of 'The Age' also ended controversially.

Guthrie’s unceremonious dumping as boss of Australia’s biggest selling daily prompted one of the media industry’s greatest David and Goliath battles - Guthrie took on Murdoch, the planet’s most powerful media mogul, and won.

To set the record straight he penned 'Man Bites Murdoch', detailing the events leading up to his dismissal and the six stressful days he spent in Victoria’s Supreme Court successfully fighting his unfair dismissal action.

The book exposed the powerplays, manipulation and deception he witnessed during a tumultuous period when sacking newspaper CEOs and editors became a form of political sport.

One thing is certain about Bruce Guthrie: In his 40-plus years gathering news, including a stint as a senior editor at 'People Magazine' in New York, his journalistic talents have never been questioned. His downfall was honesty, boldness and his refusal to play office politics.

As a child, Guthrie survived tuberculosis and Melbourne’s gritty northern suburbs. In the years since he has won awards, dined with Governors and Prime Ministers and rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous. But he has never lost sight of his beginnings.

He lives in Melbourne with his journalist wife Janne Apelgren and their two children.

Bruce Guthrie is an enthralling and entertaining speaker.


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