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Brian Egan

One of my greatest achievements in life is the creation and continued success of Aussie Helpers Charity.

Brian Egan is the co-founder of the Aussie Helpers Charity.

He is respected and revered as one of Australia’s greatest unsung heroes fighting to save our farmers from loss and heartache by dedicating his own life to their sanity and support 24/7, all year round.

Brian was no stranger to adversity, hard work and discipline, having served in the Australian Navy during the Indonesian Confrontation and the Vietnam War in the 1960’s.

Despite his earlier years of service challenges, Brian was still able to move forward with his wife and children after retiring from the service. 

Unbeknownst to Brian the emotional torment that inflicts many soldiers mental health wellbeing, after their service is over, was silently brewing in his mind and chiselling away at his sanity.

As a lone stand out star for our hard working farmers, Brian pioneered the “never give up hope” ideology for farmers, afraid that not supporting them in their darkest days may lead to self-harm.

Aussie Helpers was born

Established by Brian and Nerida Egan in 2002 to help fight poverty and lift the spirits of those families suffering terribly from drought in the Outback.

Starting off with just $20 the charity now has assets of around $8M without any government funding but with fantastic support from the Australian community.

With a fleet of more than 20 vehicles mostly four wheel drive wagons Aussie Helpers volunteers travel around 250,000 kilometres each year visiting farming families and their work has extended to Western Australia and Tasmania as well as all mainland states.

More than 10,000 visits to farming families have been done with the charity giving away around one million dollars of aid to farming families each year consisting of stock feed, human food, personal hygiene goods, sporting goods and many other things such as psychological counselling all free of any charge

15 years on, Aussie Helpers are still committed and working with farmers, including the aftermath of the recent cyclone Debbie in Central Queensland, helping with fencing and other repairs.

Brian was targeted by the ABC TV show Australian Story in 2007 for a full feature episode on his life, his illness, his recovery and his charity Aussie Helpers. It was an epic episode for the ABC, one of their most popular to date.


Brian is a shining example of how anyone, at any time in their life, can make the decision to dedicate their life for someone else’s well being, even someone they don’t know.

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