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Barbara McLure

Barbara pulls no punches when addressing the all-important issues of responsibility entrusted to boards of directors. Quoting the obvious that rot starts at the top she says if a board is not performing effectively an organisation is doomed to fail.

As a specialist in corporate governance her incisive presentation addresses all aspects of performance including the structure, talent, recruitment and appropriate remuneration levels for directors.

Barbara McLure has served on a number of company and government boards for many years and it is no surprise she is a partner and director of The Board Advisory Group that specialises in providing advice and assessing performance of boards around Australia.

Her partners and fellow directors Alan Castleman and Robert Barnes were originally part of ProNed Australia but recently separated and established the new entity.

The Board Advisory Group focusses on corporate governance with the sole objective of making a board more effective. This procedure involves assessing board performance, providing advice on recruiting and selecting the right directors, board structure and appropriate levels of remuneration for directors.

The advice is drawn from the partners’ extensive business and board experience.

Its consulting advice provides solutions on how boards of listed and unlisted companies, government bodies and not-for-profit organisations can achieve their goals.

Throughout her career Barbara has held senior management roles in banking, local government, academia, and human resources and has a deep understanding of the needs of Melbourne’s West’s communities having been the Executive Director of the Western Melbourne Regional Economic Development Organisation for seven years.

She publishes weekly electronic newsletters that focus on news and events in four metropolitan regions.

Barbara is an engaging speaker we guarantee will deliver valuable information on the best and most cost-effective course of action to take to produce overall improvement.

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