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Amanda Gore

Without question, Amanda Gore is one of the most unique presenters on the international speaking circuit. Her inspirational, energetic, down-to-earth, logical and extremely funny yet poignant dialogue about building business relationships is legendary.

In the past 30 years she has spoken to more than 500,000 people and received more testimonials than most busy people have contacts in their phone address book.

As a communications and performance expert, Amanda firmly believes success in business is all about feelings because the way we feel about something or someone determines how we behave and whether we do business with them or not.

Taking the stance that business has been paralysed by its own over-analysis, her presentations break down the barriers that separate people in an invigorating, action-packed ride towards self-discovery and ultimately, real and lasting change.

She demonstrates how people can re-connect to the energy and emotional layers that really drive performance, innovation, relationships, engagement and creativity in their business and personal life utilising positive psychology, epigenetics and emotional intelligence.

Amanda’s lasting impact with audiences is achieved by total interaction by bonding them with laughter and thought-provoking messages.

She based herself in the US for eight years during which time she was voted as one of the top three speakers by leading speakers’ bureaux and inducted into the US Speakers Hall of Fame.

Amanda is engaged by some of the world’s biggest corporations to help business leaders achieve results by getting people engaged in, enthusiastic about and aligned with corporate goals and vision.

In between delivering an average of 60 presentations in Australia and the US every year Amanda has written five books, produced several DVD and audio visual training programs and has accumulated nearly one million hits on her You Tube site.

She devotes two months of every year researching and developing new material and keeping up to date in her fields of expertise in neuroscience, leadership, resilience, group dynamics and stress management.

Someone once wrote: “Amanda Gore can send conference attendees off on an emotional and inspired high.” However, what should have been added were the words: “without their feet touching the ground.”

Amanda travels from Gold Coast

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