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Allan Ryan

Allan Ryan presents a proven, pragmatic and unique way to increase the fortunes of a business through innovation. He demonstrates how and why innovation created by collective thinking is the key to solving problems and generating ongoing success.

There is no doubt you will learn something new from Allan as he makes a lot of sense with his logical approach.

Allan Ryan is a man of vision. In 2006 he founded the Hargraves Institute as an innovation resource to share knowledge, wisdom and experience in a non-competitive environment for the purpose of growth and development.

Its goals are to build innovation capability to achieve improved staff engagement, productivity and growth through new knowledge and action.

Allan defines innovation as the generation and/or discovery of ideas, be they original or adopted from another source, and the successful implementation of those ideas to create a better future.

In his role as Executive Director his ongoing vision is for the Institute to become recognised as the centre for innovation learning and to create and promote collective wisdom in the area of innovation.

The initial stage has been completed having been endorsed by Federal training authorities for his Innovator Recognition Program - the first nationally approved innovation system.

Through his leadership, facilitating and advice, Allan has delivered innovation programs that enable organisations deliver real competitive advantage.

For the past 15 years he has worked with complex and diversified organisations in Australia and overseas demonstrating how accelerated performance and increased shareholder value are the direct results of an organisation's innovation effort.

He is one of the few presenters who brings a balance of rigour and relevance, discipline and creativity to deliver both incremental and step change.

Allan is an Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School, Associate at Macquarie Graduate School of Management and the Melbourne Business School at Mt Eliza.

The Hargraves Institute is named after the aviation pioneer and inventor Lawrence Hargrave who believed in open communications and that his inventions were there to benefit anybody who wished to use them.

Allan travels from Sydney.

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