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Allan Moffat OBE

Allan is one of the legends of Australian motor sport. His credo however, is that achieving this status was not all about driving. Allan says having a sound mechanical knowledge, a respect for the pit crew and teamwork is what made him successful in this gruelling sport.

His candid revelation about making split-second decisions at 290kph will have you on the edge of your seat.

Allan Moffat will tell you driving racing cars at high speed is a skill that develops over time and not overnight which is probably why he always made driving at full throttle look pretty easy.

During his racing career, Allan was always credited as the driver who brought a car back to the pits in the same condition it departed in every race, without ever having a serious prang, or at most, not much more than a dent or two.

He was renowned also for nursing brakes and tyres during endurance races far better than other drivers which epitomised his driving skills. He's the first to tell you he was not born with a steering wheel in his hands but says he does have the mechanical aptitude to understand what makes a car work.

Having a sound knowledge and appreciation of aerodynamics, suspension, diff ratios, axles, steering geometry, brakes and tyres enabled him to make split second decisions at high speed without coming to grief.

And he knows full well it’s not always the driver who is the most important guy in the team.

“Motor racing is a team effort in which every member has a job and knows precisely what to do.

“Long distance races are more often than not won in the pits with precision movements of crews being able to remove and replace four tyres, re-fuel it and have it back in the race in within 30 seconds.

“This can’t be achieved without good team management and leadership,” he says.

Allan has raced various makes of cars but his name is synonymous with Ford and his successes with the iconic Falcon GTHOs at Bathurst plus 101 wins in his Trans Am Mustang.

During his illustrious career he also achieved class wins in each of the International 24-hour classic races at Daytona, Spa and Le Mans.

Allan travels from Melbourne.

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