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Alia Steglinski

Alia Steglinski (Bch Appl Sci Nutr, eREPS) helps people achieve weight loss and inner confidence by helping people find purpose with their mental and physical health using her Five Pillar System.

She holds a Bachelor of Food Science, Nutrition and Applied Science from Deakin University and since 2009, has been coaching clients using her own holistic training systems in Melbourne.

Alia runs her sessions very differently to every other personal trainer.

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She has developed a revolutionary method of helping her clients feel better about their bodies and capabilities by incorporating positivity, well balanced meals, a realistic program of exercise and providing ongoing support.


Alia's passion is to gently guide her clients to discover movements they never thought they could do and to support them through those hard moments in the gym.

Her training techniques help her clients to discover their best bodies and live more fulfilling lives.

Alia is a tertiary qualified accredited nutritionist, certified personal trainer, wellness presenter and author of the book The Five Pillar System to a Healthy Mind and Body.

Alia Steglinski’s work has been published in Women’s Health Magazine Australia, MSN, DailyMail,,, The Active Times and has also presented as the guest speaker for the Staying Well radio show 2UE and as an entertaining artist Australia’s Marilyn Monroe for TVC and international corporate events.

Alia grew up in a health conscious house hold and so chose to study a bachelor of Applied Science Majoring in Food Science and Nutrition at Deakin University in Melbourne.

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She performed corporate health checks, nutrition seminars and assessments, then adding her personal training qualification.

With both fitness and nutrition qualifications Alia practiced her business as Complete Form Fitness and Nutrition and Shift and Shape at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club in Brighton Melbourne.

In that time she also performed as Australia’s Marilyn Monroe entertaining corporates nationally and internationally.


Alia has established herself as the positive personal trainer and nutritionist who actively motivates high performing clients and go getter to discover their best bodies through helping them find purpose with both their mind and body health.

It took ten years while running her holistic service practice to discover and write about the FIVE PILLAR SYSTEM.

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