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Want to build on your valued Clients Relationships and Connect with New Customers?

Posted by John Panteli - 21/07/2018


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Then we have a solution!!! by INVESTING in an "EXPERIENCE" that will lead to BUILDING CLOSER RELATIONSHIPS… that is PRIVATELY with your NETWORK or CLIENTS and leave them with an IMPACT EXPERIENCE they will not forget and equally as important, YOUR COMPANY will gain a much closer bond with your clients, leading to increase opportunities for potential new business.....HOW?

By considering organising a "Private and Intimate Audience" dining experience with your choice of Celebrity, Personality, Politician, Businessperson, Academic, Doctor, Sportsperson, Entertainer and more ... this concept will create a "point of difference" worth considering in corporate business development and entertainment.

Professional Speakers and Entertainment Bureau offers a very unique and rare opportunity for a celebrity to be your VIP guest at this exclusive and intimate personal/business event.

Limited to between minimum of 8 to a maximum of 12 people on one table setting, for either a private celebration at homeprivate room at a high end capital city restaurant or a boardroom or corporate offices either lunch or dinner.

In Business, imagine inviting potential new clients or existing clients that your would like to build greater relationships with, or Privately, your partner’s "inspirational hero", or simply an influential celebrity that they admire to a special gathering?

The celebrity guest can simply partake in your lunch/dinner party in a casual and relaxing conversation format or give a 30 minute speech, with Q & A following.

If you choose to conducted this function in your private home/office, we can arrange for a professional chef/catering service to provide outstanding quality food and beverages at your venue.

Your lunch/dinner may be an intimate affair with a few guests but imagine what you could do at a Larger Functions if that was your choice? 

For much larger gatherings.....Imagine having a guest celebrity to speak/entertain at your event or even host it this event.. what an impact that would make on your special invited guests.? 

Imagine having a guest comedian perform? 

Imagine having a sporting icon attend to speak and mingle with guests?

To further add even more impact into the experience we can offer musical entertainer to perform for a session, as well. 

Now this concept is a unique experience that will leave you guests with a memory that is not normally available to many honoured guests.

I don’t think that anyone will be rushing out booking a speaker for his or her child’s third birthday, but maybe a major milestone or a surprise celebration, all makes sense for that person that has most things in life.

Thinking outside the square is sometimes what is required to bring an event to life but when you do, magic can happen.. ....that is where a special celebrity can impact on your valued guests and or clients...

I’ll let your imagination run wild by firstly, visiting us online at and view our entire range of celebrity talent, might just spark some new ideas for you or if you have a particular celebrity in mind that is not listed in our catalogue, then, please get in touch with me personally, John Panteli 0409 095 053 to discuss this innovative and extraordinary entertaining experience for you, your friends, clients or management personnel.

This is worth at least future consideration in discussing how to further develop this concept around structuring private social events or with companies, include this "Celebrity Dining Experiencestrategy to build greater client/customer/management relationships. 

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