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It was a pleasure to catch up with Ron Reed, one of Australia's leading sports writers at a recent book launch. 

Ron was not only a major sports journalist for many years with the Herald Sun, but is significant author of 6 publications, with his most recent book being, Barty: Power and Glory which was published this month and is an account of Ash Barty's fantastic 2019 year, in the world tennis circuit.

Ron Reed

Other major publications include, autobiographies of Robbie, (Robbie Flower) and the Dominator (Wayne Johnson), The Carbine Club History, Green Gold and Bold, an account of the 100 years Tour de France and Game Sedge & Match, the only book ever written about our tennis champion, Frank Sedgman as well as many other great releases.

Imaging hearing about Ron's connections and stories that he has captured over the years in sports journalism, wouldn't he make a engaging and fascinating, speaker or dinner/lunch VIP guest with friends/clients, no question..

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