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The Future Is In The Air and Is Landing Soon

Posted by John Panteli - 20/09/2019

Our cities are about to be hit by a transport revolution- think driverless cars, delivery drones, micro mobility on electric scooters and electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (“eVTOL”) flying taxis. 

Clem Newton-Brown is a former Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Member of Parliament and planning barrister who now runs Skyportz - a business, which is establishing the landing infrastructure for Uber Air’s new flying taxi service.

Clem Newton Brown     Clem

Clem is not just a futurist who predicts the future - he is actually creating the urban environment to facilitate the biggest change the world has seen since the invention of the motor vehicle.

Without doubt, the future will be here sooner than you think and Clem will give you a fascinating insight into this new world that will really make you think and possibly considering an investment in this new era of air transport, it is truly a enthralling and captivating topic.

We are very proud to include Clem as a part of our family of inspiring speakers; your enquiries are very welcomed.

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