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Tea and Scotch with Bradman


It was a great privilege for Marilyn Panteli and I to be invited to our very good friend of many years, Roland Perry's book launch of Tea and Scotch with Bradman.

Professor Roland Perry is one of Australia's best selling authors with over 38 books published in a range of genres including, biographies, politics, espionage, history (WW1/2) sport and fiction.

Roland Perry


The relationship that Roland had with Sir Donald Bradman, was very special, partricluarly in the last 6 years of Bradman's life which has enabled Roland to write his 5th book of his life experiences, highlighting, the quirky sense of humour that not many people knew of Bradman.

All these stories were compiled through many personal interviews and dinners with Sir Don at his house in South Australia throughout that period.

One of Roland's most successful best seller from the catalogue of Bradman publications was his very first book published in 1995, was a biography of Sir Donald Bradman, called "The Don," which is still in print today and continues to have world wide appeal.

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