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Why use Professional Speakers Bureau?

Posted by Ray Kennedy - 06/08/2015

Why use Professional Speakers Bureau?

Because we care. We do everything possible to make your event a success from start to finish and take pride in partnering with our clients and speakers to achieve the desired outcomes.

How much do we charge?

Our services are included in the speaker’s fee.  There are no administration fees or other hidden costs to you.

Why to I need to pay a non-refundable deposit in advance?

It’s all about planning because our speakers are in high demand.  The only way to secure a firm booking is to pay the deposit, which locks in the date.

How can you help me choose the right speaker?

We sit and discuss your entire program with you.  Once we know the theme, the purpose, the desired outcomes and who will be attending, we will offer a number of suggestions to best suit your event.

What makes a great speaker?

It’s a combination of a number of things.  A good speaker is someone who can deliver an informative and entertaining presentation that holds the undivided attention of your audience and receives lots of questions. You know you’ve made the right choice when you receive enthusiastic, positive feedback.

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