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Pioneers of Australian Music and Entertainment Reunite



Ross Marcie Garry

At a recent gathering of many personalities from Australia’s entertainment industry at the Marque Lounge Room in Toorak, I was thrilled to be reunited with friends, Ross D. Wyllie, Marcie Jones and Garry Spry, who in their on right were the early pioneers of Australian music, music television shows and iconic nightclubs in Melbourne.

The person that set off many a young artist’s musical careers in the 60’s through the very first “live” television music program, “Uptight”, was the compare of the show Ross D. Wyllie, who also was a performer, with a number one hit in “The Star”, followed by other hits as Funny Man, “Uptight” theme and many more great songs.

Uptight launched many great careers for young Australian talent, including many appearances by, Marcie Jones, from the popular Marcie and The Cookies and Gary Spry who was a true pioneer in setting up some of the biggest nightclubs in Melbourne, Pinocchio’s, The Chevron, Silvers, Billboard and many more, as well as Garry managing great iconic Australian artists/bands like Twilights, The Groove, The Flies, Marcie and The Cookies, Glenn Sharrock and many more.

What a fantastic afternoon chat about that exciting era of the 60’s,70’s & 80’s when Australia unearthed some our most outstanding Australian talented artists, music television and leading edge nightclubs.

What a hoot it was to catch up with these Australian legends of the entertainment industry, great day and great memories.

To hear amazing stories of the music industry from Ross D Wyllie , Garry Spry or for Marcie and her band to perform, please contact John Panteli on 1300 854 600 or email;, your enquiry would be welcomed.

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