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The value in celebrity/specialist speakers at your conference

Posted by John Panteli - 13/06/2017

The value in celebrity/specialist speakers at your conference

The conference industry is thriving which suggests that businesses are still seeing great value in such events.

All year round, businesses are hosting conferences with the main aim to motivate and inspire attendees to improve their performance, educate and communicate business related content and to create a good relationship and networking environment for all.

Celebrity/specialist speakers have played a major role in conference events and for very good reason.

When you align the goals of your conference they point to inspiration, motivation, entertainment and professionalism all to create a memorable event.

Celebrity/specialist speakers have the experience, charisma, stories and presentation skills that bring your goals to life.

A celebrity/specialist speaker is available for almost any industry and conference agenda but here are a few suggestions.



Keeping your conference flowing is important in order to stay on track.

Having an experienced MC not only helps you manage timing of activities but also brands your event as being professional.

A polished host engages the audience and can effectively position the speakers they are introducing.

Engaging your audience in the face of diversity with diversity

Business related conferences are often very diverse in their content.

This diversity creates its own set of challenges in relation to keeping the audience engaged.

Valuable content is the key and what you can consider is using some celebrity/specialist speakers in your agenda to break up your content to keep the audience engaged.

For example, you may have a guest business related speaker and follow that up with a motivational and inspiration speaker that tells their story.

People such as a successful sportsperson or someone that has risen from adversity to succeed always engages.

The contrast in topics is the key and a celebrity/specialist speaker can be introduced to create the diversity required.



Many conferences feature a networking or celebratory style dinner.

Having entertainers perform, attaches a special feel to your event that lifts it from being just considered a dinner to a memorable occasion.

I’ve been to many business dinners over the years but the most memorable experiences have often been the entertainers.

From a business perspective, this is not such a bad thing as attached to the memory of the entertainer is the brand of the company that was hosting the event.

Whether a comedian, musical act or guest speaker that tells their inspirational story they could be the added value you need to create real memories.


Memories make the difference – The Experience

I talk a lot about creating memories as this is fundamentally critical in ensuring your audience leaves the event having an experience that has impacted on each attendee and creating a memorable point of difference, that is what contributes to a standout event…

The Experience..

Standing out in the crowd is what it is all about as, when you do, you get the attention and with attention comes memories…. it is the Experience that is a lasting factor in your memories.

Using celebrity/specialist speakers is a proven way to take your event from great to remarkable.

Just ask yourself.

Do you need the extra talent at your event to create lasting memories? If your answer is yes then you need to consider booking a celebrity/specialist speaker.

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