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Our new Inspiring Speaker - Cheryl Koenig OAM is an extraordinary women with an extraordinary story to tell.

Posted by John Panteli - 28/08/2017

Her involvement within the disability sector arose out of caring and advocacy for her son who was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident.

That story was beautifully captured in her award-winning third book PAPER CRANES – A Mother’s Story of Hope, Courage & Determination.

Her fourth book – With Just One Suitcase – is Cheryl’s homage to her father, Frici, and her father-in-law, Istvan - and her belief in the importance of history to understanding ourselves.


Cheryl Book  

Her books have been published in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, India, with a short story published in the USA.

They each contain recurring themes of hope, inner-strength and resilience, and how these qualities affect one’s endurance and even survival. 

Cheryl’s embrace of life shines through as she delivers inspirational presentations on a variety of issues of which she feels passionately about.

Some recent topics she was asked to speak on were: ‘You Can Change the World’; ‘Let’s talk about Caring’; ‘Women and Leadership’; ‘The Benefits of Writing’.  Generally, Cheryl loves speaking about the backstory to her published books, about her amazing family journey of surviving against all odds, her multicultural background and the importance of sharing stories in keeping history alive.

She has been a keynote speaker all around Australia as well as at a medical conference in Brazil, South America.

In Cheryl’s own words: “Reaching or inspiring people via my speaking roles or published works is the most rewarding gift I can give myself and others.

I am passionate about sharing stories – everybody has a story to tell.

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