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I had the pleasure of recently meeting with former Victoria Chief Commissioner of Police, Kel Glare AO. APM.



This group was formed by Kel Glare (CAA Chair) and Ivan Ray (CAA Secretary) over three years ago, which now comprises of a body of citizens, including retired very senior police, a wide range of business people, victim’s advocates and social workers who are all concerned about a number of issues affecting Victorians.


Kel Glare Ivan Ray

CAA focuses on suggesting reforms to the way in which Victorian Police operated and on promoting changes to the criminal justice system, whilst also being a voice and policy action committee in addressing law and order concerns and safety issues that impact our community.

I am very proud and passionate to be apart of this outstanding and caring group that are aspiring to, “Addressing Law and Order for all Victorians” now that is important to all of us.

For further information please visit Community Advocacy Alliance Facebook page.

Kel Glare AO. APM. – The Speaker 
We are very proud to have Kelvin Glare AO. APM. as a part of our family of Inspiring Speakers.

For more information and enquiries on Kel Glare AO. APM, please visit or email; or call 1300 854 600

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