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Have a Happy Life

Posted by John Panteli - 16/10/2019

Alia Steglinski (Bch Appl Sci Nutr, eREPS) helps people achieve weight loss and inner confidence by helping people find purpose with their mental and physical health using her Five Pillar System.

She has developed a revolutionary method of helping her clients feel better about their bodies and capabilities by incorporating positivity, well balanced meals, a realistic program of exercise and providing ongoing support.

 Alia JP

Alia has established herself as the positive personal trainer and nutritionist who actively motivates high performing clients and go getter to discover their best bodies through helping them find purpose with both their mind and body health.

Alia is the author of “Happy Life Awesome Body” and a highly motivating and inspirational speaker, hat can influence and transform how we think about improving our lifestyle.

We are very proud to include Alia as a part of our family of inspiring speakers, your enquiries are very welcomed.

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