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Success In Sport - A Great Legend of VFL/AFL

Posted by John Panteli - 29/08/2019

A Great Legend in Sport - Simon Madden joins the PSB team Simon Madden has a unique outlook on what it takes to be successful.

He had an outstanding career with the Essendon Football Club culminating in his induction as a member of the Essendon Football Club Hall of Fame and the AFL Hall of Fame.

Simon Madden


He has also been a Director and President of the AFL Players Association and is currently on the board of the Essendon Football Club.

We are thrilled to present Simon Madden to the speaker world, as his inspiring talks are not just on his outstanding career as an elite athlete, but he has continued to build on his professional skills across a wide range of business and educational spheres and now blends the two career pathways- sport and business into an informative presentation in an example of what anyone "Can Do" in life, if they put their minds to their dreams.

His High Level Thinking, People Skills and Presentation Skills have him being sort after in areas where he can motivate, educate and connect your business, your people and your clients. He specialises in “Sustainable High Performance”.

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