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Want to build on your valued Clients Relationships and Connect with New Customers?

In an environment without the hustle and bustle of your surroundings, where business, relationships and entertainment is all conducted in a quality, discrete and private manner, that will be enjoyed by your guests, where all participants are able to interact with each other, where the host is able to effectively control the event, where communication between the host, guests and VIP Celebrity guest is in a private environment..this surely must be of interest and of prime importance to get to know your guests/clients better?

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There is Good Sugar in our new entertainment listing...... Sweet!

We are pleased to announce the inclusion into our family of Musicians and Entertainers the newly reformed line up of the Good Sugar Band.

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SympartyCo, Great Characters for Great Events

Not Kath & Kim is only one act within a fabulous range of characters these two talented and humorous personalities perform under their new name of SympartyCo.

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Surviving Against The Odds

Sometimes in life the cards just don't fall your way and when a life threatening accident happens to one of your loved ones, and the medical prognosis is there is no chance for survival and mother says NO I will not accept that statement...Wow ..Cheryl Koenig OAM is one extraordinary women.

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A Doctor, a Specialist Sports Physician, an Olympian, a Media Commentator, the "Doc" is well qualified as a Keynote Speaker to any audience.

Peter 'Doc' Larkins is a specialist sports physician actively involved in all areas of sport and fitness as a clinician, media commentator, educator and participant.

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Talent is in the family DNA …

It was a true pleasure to meet the very talented Tarik Frimpong, grandson of our own talented Australian Icon, Peter Russell Clarke

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A Trip Down Memory Lane With Two VFL Icons

A very entertaining and memorable journey down memory lane today at Percy Jones Nth Fiztroy Arms Hotel luncheon, with two Essendon Football Club Legendary Premiership players, Alec "kooka" Epis and John M Birt, our former Essendon coach as well.

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An extraordinary journey from the western suburbs of Melbourne to the biggest league in the world the NBA

I recently caught up with Chris Anstey at our other office at Percy Jones's Nth Fitzroy Arms Hotel, where Chris delivered a fascinating insight into his extraordinary journey from the western suburbs of Melbourne to the biggest league in the basketball world, the NBA, is was amazing story.

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Pioneers of Australian Music and Entertainment Reunite

At a recent gathering of many personalities from Australia’s entertainment industry at the Marque Lounge Room in Toorak, I was thrilled to be reunited with friends, Ross D. Wyllie, Marcie Jones and Garry Spry, who in their on right were the early pioneers of Australian music, music television shows and iconic nightclubs in Melbourne.

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LIFE is like a CAMERA..

FOCUS on what is important, CAPTURE the good times, DEVELOP from the negatives and if things don’t work out TAKE ANOTHER SHOT

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