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The Sportshound is out and about

It was a pleasure to catch up with Ron Reed, one of Australia's leading sports writers at a recent book launch.

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Tea and Scotch with Bradman

It was a great privilege for Marilyn Panteli and I to be invited to our very good friend of many years, Roland Perry's book launch of Tea and Scotch with Bradman.

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A true legend and friend launches yet another extrordinary book.... Kevin Sheedy.. "Icons of Footy"

A true legend and friend launches yet another extrordinary book.... Kevin Sheedy.. "Icons of Footy"

This morning I had the pleasure of attending Sheed's new publication at the Botanical Hotel in South Yarra, which coincidently is managed by his son, Sam T Sheedy, father and son working together, nice combination.

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Dine with a true Australian ICON

Professional Speakers and Entertainment Bureau offers a very unique and rare opportunity for a celebrity to be a guest at this exclusive and intimate personal/business event, limited to 10* guest in one sitting, for either a private celebration at home, private room at an inner city hotel/restaurant or a boardroom or corporate offices either lunch or dinner.

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Have a Happy Life

Alia Steglinski (Bch Appl Sci Nutr, eREPS) helps people achieve weight loss and inner confidence by helping people find purpose with their mental and physical health using her Five Pillar System.

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The Future Is In The Air and Is Landing Soon

Our cities are about to be hit by a transport revolution- think driverless cars, delivery drones, micro mobility on electric scooters and electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (“eVTOL”) flying taxis.

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Success In Sport - A Great Legend of VFL/AFL

A Great Legend in Sport - Simon Madden joins the PSB team Simon Madden has a unique outlook on what it takes to be successful.

He had an outstanding career with the Essendon Football Club culminating in his induction as a member of the Essendon Football Club Hall of Fame and the AFL Hall of Fame.

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