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Luke Versace

Luke Versace went from an adventure seeking youth to a Stawell Gift winner, all it took was a mauling from a bull in Pamplona to get him focussed. 


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In 2002, Luke Versace was a 19-year-old looking for an adventure and he found one on the streets of Pamplona at the famous Running of the Bulls.

In spite of being a talented junior athlete, Luke’s speed was no match for a raging 595kg bull which pinned him against a fence, goring him twice in the leg.

Rushed to hospital for emergency surgery it was there that Luke promised himself that if he came out of surgery with both legs he would win the Stawell Gift for his parents.

12 years later Luke made good on that promise winning the 2014 Stawell Gift by the smallest margin in the race’s 133 year history after overcoming not just a raging bull, but also himself.


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