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Jo Woodfield

Jo Woodfield is a change and branding expert with more than 30 years’ management consulting experience across realms of people, culture, brand and change management at global, national and regional levels.

In either executive or management positions for past 15 years, Jo has led (is still leading) teams of consultants who expertly transition and transform businesses. She’s created world-class advisory programs, change and community interventions and remains heavily involved with several start-ups.

Previous Board Member of Motor Neurone Disease WA (MNDWA), Jo has owned and is Managing Director of The Higher Mix, guiding ‘best-of-breed’ multidiscipline team to examine, improve business profiles, capabilities and/or brand reputations of enterprises across Australia.

A proud protagonist who encourages wider dialogue on company effectiveness and transformation, Jo’s considered by many to be a futurist who drives stronger connection, innovation and productivity from companies.

In her capacity as entrepreneur, e-Author, national keynote speaker and owner of multiple businesses, she shares her knowledge and insights freely, she is an engaging, inspiring speaker who has either presented or been a active panelist on over 150 regional and national speaking engagements on subject of branding, culture and/or change.

Her skillsets include:

  • Organisational/Company branding
  • Employer branding
  • Change management
  • Culture 
  • Leadership 
  • Marketing Communications (traditional and online)
  • Commercialisation
  • Demand-creation

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