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Jodi loves nothing more than to share her knowledge on health, happiness and wellbeing

The founder and director of Happier on Purpose, Dr Jodi Richardson is fast becoming recognised for her passion and expertise for inspiring audiences to take meaningful action to create a happier and healthier life.

With over twenty years of education, research, writing, speaking and most importantly, real-life experience, Jodi appreciates, and shares with her audiences that creating a happier life is not about what you have it’s about what you do.

She’s known for her authentic, warm and practical style, and her fusion of scientific research, real-life stories and surprising vulnerability help her connect with her audience at a personal and individual level.

An engaging and highly experienced speaker, Jodi is dedicated to sharing her expertise in a way that leaves audiences with the science-backed knowledge, skills and tools that make a genuine difference to their wellbeing, happiness and health. Jodi also incorporates the science of willpower into her presentations to arm her audiences with an understanding of how to weave health and happiness practices into the fabric of each day, without the need to rely on motivation.

Always learning, Jodi’s diverse education includes a Bachelor of Education, First Class Honours Degree and PhD (Medicine); and more recently, training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the Science of Happiness. She has enjoyed successful professional roles working for AFL Media, beyondblue, the Australian Institute of Sport, SEN, Peninsula Hot Springs, Bauer Media, The Sports Injury Clinic and Swimming Victoria.

Jodi has been involved in sport for as long as she can remember, fuelling her passion for exercise, wellbeing and healthy living. Having to give away competitive netball due to a back injury was tough for her, but never one to stay still for long, she took up karate and thrives with a newfound love for martial arts. She’s won gold medals for competition sparring and having earned her brown belt, is training hard for her next grading.

With a heartfelt love of helping others, Jodi donates time to the Clover Leaf Project to raise funds for accommodation for intellectually disabled adult children of ageing parents.

A gifted communicator, Jodi loves nothing more than to share her knowledge on health, happiness and wellbeing topics, tailoring her presentations happily. She is at home talking with a small group of people in an informal setting to speaking to hundreds of conference delegates and everything in between.

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