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Professional Speakers Bureau proudly offers outstanding calibre of Professional Speakers, MC, Facilitators and Entertainers for your next important event.

We represent some of finest public speakers in Australia who have proven track records to engage, inform, entertain and inspire audiences.

Our speakers cover a wide range of topics such as Business Development, Leadership & Team Building, Organisation Development & Change, Marketing, Law & Order, Women in Business and Sport, Youth Support, Social & Community Welfare, Sales & Customer Relations, Media Communications, Special Events, Retirement Planning, Sport, Health and Wellbeing and much more,


So if you are searching for a keynote speaker, entertainer, MC, facilitator, an after dinner speaker or celebrity host, call John Panteli on 1300 854 600.

Tell John the theme of your event and talent budget and he’ll match you with the best person to complement your program, even if you desire a particular specialist talent and it is not listed in the PSB catalogue, John will happily search the market on your behalf, with no obligation, just a willingness to assist in the selection process, call it an alliance partnership.

As a boutique specialist talent business, Professional Speakers Bureau puts the “can do” into your event!



Life would be pretty boring if people didn't step out the front door and do something extraordinary. Our Adventurers have pushed the boundaries and their stories are amazing.

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Advertising & Branding

Every business needs to promote itself, to be recognised and attract market share, consider a specialist to assist in reaching that objective.

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After Dinner Speakers

After a hard day's work there is no better way to relax than having a few laughs hearing one of our after dinner speakers deliver an entertaining address.

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Authors & StoryTellers

Every author, every story has a fascination and intrigue, not too mention the learning and experience that our broad range of speakers have penned to present their stories to excite the market.

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Business Leaders

Where would our world be without great individuals who make things happen in business and in life. They are our great Australian achievers who have succeeded, and who have inspiring and thought provoking information, observations and anecdotes to pass on to us.

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Business Sales & Marketing

Invite one of our specialists to provide practical ways on how your sales team can lift their game, improve customer relations and add to your bottom line.

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Economy and Finance

Always an interesting subject that requires only the best specialist advise, keep up with the trends, our speakers will enlighten with current happennings in the market place

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Crime, Law and Order

Hear the chilling stories of criminal activity in Australia from either a hardened former homicide cop, from Australia's leading crime reporter, or both.

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Chefs, Food & Wine

Be entertained and capture some valuable hints in the art of good healthy living, engage one our specialist to learn more.

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Film-TV, Actors, Actresses and Directors

Be inspired by some of our great Australian's that have succeeded in this most competitive industry, film and television.

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Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing is such an important subject it should be considered as a topic for every conference particularly when the message is delivered by a doctor.

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Inspirational & Motivational

One of the main reasons why people attend conferences is to be inspired and motivated by successful people they can emulate to achieve their goals in life.

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Keynote Speakers

A keynote speaker not only is an expert in a given field but someone whose reputation as a fantastic presenter guarantees you staging a successful event.

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Leadership & Team Building

The two most frequently asked questions are: what does it take to be a leader and how can I build a successful team? Discover the answers from our leaders.

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MC's, Hosts & Facilitators

To ensure your function will run smoothly and on schedule it is crucial to engage a professional master of ceremonies and we have the best in the business.

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Social Media & Communications

Social media can destroy a reputation in a nanosecond. Our media specialists provide sound advice on how to best manage adverse publicity and deal with everyday concerns such as cyber bullying.

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Military Speakers

Gain insight as to how important and practical aspects of military training applies to business and can inspire individuals, you will be amazed at the stories and experiences.

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Entertainers, Musicians, Performers & Acts

Great talent to headline your entertainment component of your function, professional and engaging.

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Print, TV & Radio, Media Personalities

Outstanding personalities that entertain, inform and educate, they are a must to enhance any event, hear their stories.

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Retirement & Succession Planning

Retirement is the time to enjoy good health and happiness but not only do you need to plan your financial security, you need to understand how your lifestyle will change and how to deal with it.

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Science, Medical & Veterinary, Research & Technology

Without doubt one of the most important part of life on the planet for the wellbeing of humans and animals is the outstanding work our specialists undertake in research and developing technology to improve life, learn what is happening in this exciting new frontier

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Society, Culture and the Arts

Topics consists of belief, behaviour, objects related to a particular society that pursue and embrace a culture within the categories of fine arts, classical music and theatre.

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Social Trends, Community & Current Affairs

Our specialists have the knowledge to advise on social trends that impact our lives and provide valuable and informative insights to events and stories that effect our society.

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Success in Sport

Australians love their sport and fascinated to learn what makes a champion. Inviting a sports star as a guest speaker is sure to attract a full house.

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Technology, Future & Innovation

Life is changing so fast, it is important to know what is happening in our ever changing world markets, our specialists will provided informative insight into how technology and innovation impacts on your business and life.

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Workshop, Education and Training

Enhancing individual and business performances through intensive educational programs within a small group of people focusing on techniques and skills, our specialist are proficient in this field and can add value and impact on the individual and business collectively.

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Women In Business and Sport

When successful women reveal what inspired and motivated them to pursue their dreams other women listen. Learn from any of our fantastic Women in Business and Sport speakers.

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Youth Support & Welfare

This community issue of people in need is a growing concern, hear from some of our outstanding individuals that work very compassionately to help the very needy in life and what their organisations are doing at the cold face to help the youth of today.

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